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Get video that gets you meetings, opportunities, and sales... in just 60 minutes!

Brought to you by Expert Content Pros, Prospecting Ninja helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders like you create professional-looking video content you can use in your lead generation and prospecting efforts.Gives us an hour of your time, you'll walk away with all the know-how, tools, and video content you can use to get more replies, appointments, opportunities and sales.

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Expert Interviews

Whether it's your first interview or your 100th, you're going to get the help you need every step of the way.

100% Done For You

From creating the prospecting campaign all the way to recording your prospecting video and crafting your messages – we'll help you every step of the way.

Tailored Content

You won't receive generic copied & pasted content…rather, expert advice and content that are branded and optimized for your business and prospects.

How It Works


We Strategize

Together, we’ll develop a strategy for creating videos to add to your prospecting campaigns, designed to engage your specific audience and boost open and response rates.

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We Record

It's now time to meet for our recording session!Since we’ve done the prep, all you need to do is show up, be yourself, and have a fun!With our 10+ years of experience and thousands of interviews conducted (including with New York Times bestselling authors, top entrepreneurs, and Grammy Award-winning artists), we'll ensure that you have a unique experience.We’re here to help you every step of the way!


We Edit (You're Done!)

We’ll take it from here, editing the recording to provide you with professional-looking video clips you can add to your lead generation and prospecting campaign(s)!

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You Get the Content

When the content is ready, we’ll send it for your review and feedback.We’ll make edits as needed and send you the finished clips (as well as the raw footage, if you'd like to have it)!


Need More Help?

In case you'd like additional assistance, we can also help you with the optimization of your LinkedIn profile – so that it becomes a magnet that attracts your target customers and potential partners – and with writing all the messages and scripts you need in your prospecting.

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Different Types of Videos for Prospecting

Over the years, we've identified over 10 different videos you could use in your prospecting.Depending on your industry, some may be more relevant to you than others.Here are a couple of examples of prospecting videos we can help you create:

  • a video to send to prospects who've never heard of you – and WOW them with it

  • a video for people who send you a connection request

  • a video to easily invite prospects to book a call (and have them say yes)

  • a video thanking a prospect or potential partner for a great call, including link(s) to whatever you promised to send them

Here's What Can Happen With Video Prospecting

🎯 Antonio's Goal

Antonio Bravata

Business Coach, Author, Podcaster

Antonio wanted to create a prospecting campaign that targeted attendees of a business conference he was going to attend.

🤔 How We Helped

We helped Antonio craft a prospecting strategy that targeted around 200 conference attendees, as well as create different types of video content he could use in his LinkedIn approach.

📈 The Results

First and foremost, Antonio managed to successfully stand out from the crowd and WOW the prospects he was contacting – and had, in his words, his LinkedIn "go nuts" with notifications and higher engagement.

In the span of just 14 days, he successfully managed to book over 10 in-person and remote appointments (with prospects that shared their email address and phone number with him).

Thanks to video and our help, he was able to grow his LinkedIn network by about 19%…in just one week!(FYI, that number went up to 26.4% by week two).

💸 Attracting Angel Investors

Gareth Newman, founder of Plausible Gaming (the world's leading high ranked PUBG community), was looking for angel investors for his company but was skeptical about using video.After having a meeting with us, he decided to take the leap the "test the waters" with video.To put it in Gareth's words, the intro video he recorded following our advice and sent to a potential angel investor "worked like a charm!"His first video landed him a meeting with an angel investor just a few days after that interaction.Using video in his outreach efforts has worked well, enabling him to have a video-to-meeting conversion rate of about 30% (from a previous 0.5% conversion rate!).

About Your Expert Content Pros

Jeremy Shere

Jeremy is an award-winning journalist, podcaster, and professional interviewer who’s produced 700+ podcast episodes, including over 500 interviews with authors, scientists, educators, and business leaders.In 2011 he published the book Renewable: The World-Changing Power of Alternative Energy – a history and exploration of renewable energy, with St. Martins Press.In Deep, a song that Jeremy wrote, was featured in the 2011 Disney movie Prom.

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Yann Ilunga

Yann is a polyglot consultant, podcaster, and international speaker.A communication expert and former journalist, he has published more than 400 podcast episodes (since 2014), including interviews with New York Times bestselling authors, top entrepreneurs, and Grammy Award-winning artists.His insights have been featured on sites like Forbes (which dubbed Yann 'Podcasting Advocate'), Entrepreneur, and Inc. (which described Yann as one of the 'Undisputed Unicorn-Level Leaders' in digital marketing).

Tailored Plans

Whether you focus on email or spend most of your prospecting time on LinkedIn, the video content we'll create will take your prospecting to the next level.

All Plans Include

  • 1 x Recording prep coaching session

  • 1 x round of revisions

  • 1 x interview/recording session (up to 45 minutes)

  • Access to full, unedited video and audio files


This plan is best if you’re just getting started with prospecting and would like to kick things off with your best foot forward.First, we'll make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for the types of prospects you'd like to attract.Then, we'll record 4 different types of videos you may want to add to your LinkedIn and email outbound prospecting campaigns – and generate more engagement, appointments, and sales with them.

This plan includes:

  • Optiimzation of one LinkedIn profile

  • Production of 4 prospecting videos

From $699


Prospecting isn't anything new to you. Perhaps you've even got some decent results from it… but you're striving for more than just decent.You want to get great results!After we've optimized your LinkedIn profile to turn it into a prospect-magnet, we'll coach you and help you produce up to 6 clips you can use in your outbound prospecting efforts.And to reinforce those efforts even further, you’ll get either 2 video testimonials or 1 video micro case study (you can learn more about this here).

This plan includes:

  • Optimization of one LinkedIn profile

  • Production of 6 prospecting videos

  • 2 video endorsements OR 1 micro-case study

From $999


If you're serious about prospecting and really want to take your business to the next level, then this is THE plan for you.In addition to the optimized LinkedIn profile – that will help you improve both of your outbound and inbound efforts – we'll coach you and help you create up to 8 different types of videos you can use in your outbound prospecting efforts.Additionally, you'll also get 3 video testimonials or 2 micro-case studies (learn more about them here).And, lastly, we'll map out the entire prospecting campaign for you so that you'll have a plug-and-play resource to rely on.

This plan includes:

  • Optimization of one LinkedIn profile

  • Production of 8 prospecting videos

  • 3 video endorsements OR 2 micro-case study

  • Creation of one prospecting campaign

From $1,299

Add-Ons to Supercharge Your Prospecting

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Want to turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet that attracts your target customers?We can help!

Campaign Creation

If you'd like our help in crafting your strategy and creating the entire prospecting campaign...we should talk.

DMs & Scripts

Video is great but your prospecting will revolve around written content too.
We can assist you with the creation of scripts you can use in your campaign DMs and emails.

Want More?

Here are at Expert Content Pros, we're dedicated to helping professionals, leaders, and companies leverage video for thought leadership, marketing, and prospecting.We do that through Prospecting Ninja, as well as two other services: Thought Leadership Ninja and Endorsement Ninja.

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Need help picking the right plan for you?

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